Computer Tips

  • Going Blind like me? :
    No need to squint, while surfing the web, hold “ctrl” key and hit the + key on the keyboard, will zoom the content. Hold the “ctrl” key and hit the – key on the keyboard, will zoom out.
  • Remove garbage at top of screen when on the web:
    Press F11 on your keyboard. This will remove everything and expand just the website.
    Then press it again to bring it back.
  • Print just a bit on the internet, not all the garbage:
    Highlight the text you want to print, go to File – Print – and under Page Range, choose Selection. Print your selection, and there you go! The text, and just the text you wanted, will be printed! No more wasting ink. This tip works in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel as well.
  • Music for free: offers free streaming music with a variety of artists, no more listening to the same boring music. If you have a computer and smart phone, login with account id and see the same on both. NICE!
  • Storage for free: offers free cloud storage, nice to share things with others, FREE and SAFE!